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How to Link LTA to ThinkorSwim Charts
Last Updated 4 years ago

At a high level, linking LTA to your ThinkorSwim (TOS) is done by creating a detached chart in TOS and then linking LTA to that chart.  Here are the specific steps.

1) In TOS, create a detached chart using the menu icon (upper-right) of the main TOS application
2) Open LTA using the "Live Trading Alerts for TOS" desktop icon (or Windows Start Menu)
3) In LTA, Click Tools>Options>Chart-Linking>ThinkorSwim
4) Click Add Link
5) Click in the detached chart window of a TOS (this will fill in the LTA field "Window Name")
7) Click OK

This is the basic process and will work in 95% of cases.  If you are one of the unlucky few, please see below for additional steps


That's it.  Now double-click any Alert or Scan Result Ticker in LTA.  It should open that chart in TOS.

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