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TC2000 Chart Linking
Last Updated 4 years ago

When you install LTA, the default is chart-linking to TC2000. However, if you want to verify that, click "Tools > Options > Chart Link > TC2000" and make sure the "Default" checkbox is checked and then click "OK."


To check that it is working, just add any scan to the Main Application, open the scan results and double-click any ticker to open the chart. Alternatively, you can double-click any ticker in any alert window. Again, this should open the chart in TC2000. (This assumes TC2000 is already open.)

You are correct that you cannot copy LTA Canadian tickers to a TC2000 watchlist and that this is because they use a different nomenclature. Double-clicking any Canadian ticker in LTA will open the chart in TC2000, but you cannot copy/paste tickers from LTA into TC2000 successfully.

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